About Us

Who are we, and what we are about?

oldcarThis site is about a blog to report latest news, and specifically about cars & limos. This has been our focus and our passion however we will post on other matters and we will discuss other things that we find interesting.

We also help support anybody that has a passion to our discussions to email us and let us know what he or she wants us to discuss about. Our site provides helpful insight to anyone who owns car, limos, and or needs guidance in anything related to this. We aim to have fans that share the same interests as us and we hope we can make this reading journey as enjoyable as we can.!

We mainly live of from Toronto however our interests in cars spans all over the nation and we don’t limit our research to any specific country. All information and discussion as just personal opinions and from interviews and discussions with people in the industry however are not based on actual data facts.

We hope you enjoy as much as we do and we look forward to your comments, just contact us here!