Tips on buying used cars that outperform the market

When talking about buying used cars, there are lots of things that can go wrong. You can stumble upon a greedy or sneaky seller, and without knowing it, end up with a terrible car that is bound to become your worst nightmare…

This is exactly why we have recommended buying from used car auctions of from dealerships, because they usually have more respect for the needs of the customer. Well, the dealership does, the auction is actually a toss of a coin, because you can’t really blame anyone in case of a failure.


However, in case your mind is set on buying a certain car, the most important thing you need to take into account is to pace yourself. Take your time, do the research, talk to a mechanic, do everything you need to do before the purchase. No matter just how in love you are with a car, do not buy on impulse. This is actually the worst thing you could do. If you feel like that certain car may be “the one”, don’t strike a deal the first time you get to see it. You opinion on that car is probably only based on looks and we all know that looks can be deceiving.

If you are set on buying that car, you will probably end up checking it out in the least ideal conditions. You will probably say yes to a meeting somewhere in the evening, when it’s dark and you can’t see much. You might say yes to a meeting on bad weather and so on. You may even skip the part where you get a professional or at least a semi – professional opinion about the car. It other words, when buying a used car on impulse you are signing up for weeks or even months of regrets and god knows how much money spent in vain.

So the best thing you can do is to tone down your excitement and do things the right way. Take a good look at the car, analyze all its good and its bad parts and in the end make an informed decision, not one based on feelings. Who knows, maybe you inner child will end up owning the car, but you’d better be safe than sorry, right?

And speaking about inspecting, you should not just check up the car, you should take a look at the owner as well. You can probably tell if he is a trustworthy person or not. You can probably tell if he just wants to get rid of the car, if he took care of it or not.  Believe it or not, these things are quite important and you can easily turn the odds in your favor if the owner is just as clueless as you are.


Finding The Right Car Can Be Accomplished By Reading These Tips


The concept of buying a car can often make people nervous, despite whether it’s a new experience or something they’ve done many times before. You should understand a lot of information before you visit your local car lot. When you know the language of car financing, you can negotiate the best possible deal for your new vehicle. There’re many valuable car-buying general rules in this article; you should read them carefully.

Never purchase a car that has had its frame damaged or replaced. Welding just isn’t the proper way to secure a frame; it must be bolted in on both sides. When inspecting the parts under the hood, take a moment to inspect the bolt heads close to the top of the fenders. If there’re scratch marks on the bolts or in the surrounding area, it’s likely that the car has had body work done; the fenders most likely have been realigned or replaced after a collision.


On average, 90 percent of car buyers test drive prior to buying a car in this country. Never make the error of purchasing a car prior to taking a test drive. There are a few vehicles that won’t feel like a great fit for you, no matter what you do to make them more comfortable. This is a great big red flag telling you to keep looking for the right car.

It is vital to have a mechanic operate a thorough check on a car before you purchase it. A mechanic could review your vehicle to see if there are any unusual signs of wear or any other problems that may come about over time. The results of the mechanic’s inspection – his list of maintenance problems or mechanical issues – should be one of the deciding factors when it’s about your ultimate buying decision. Once you receive the report from the mechanic, you could possibly use its result to negotiate leverage on the asking price.

A car is a sizable purchase you may be making payments on for many years. Cost for accessories when financing a car might skyrocket over time, so keep them to a minimum. Some of the expensive additional features, such as built in GPS systems, can be easily replaced with less expensive units. There are other add-ons, such as rust proofing, that the dealership may attempt to sell you but that you do not really need.

Getting approved for a car loan is the first big step in purchasing a car. An offer of an unexpectedly high interest rate is a red flag that there might be concerns with your credit score that need fixing before you could proceed. Furthermore, negotiating with your dealer will be much easier when you have ‘cash buyer’ status, which you can easily ensure by having an approved loan. Dealership financing remains an option, but your chances for a good rate improve by securing pre-approval because it provides bargaining leverage.

Carpet cleaning tricks for Your Car

1975 AMC Pacer X red-white IB


So we’ve recently talked about some tricks regarding carpet cleaning your car. Everyone can probably agree that there are some stains more annoying or harder to get out than others. The great thing is that every annoying stain has a fix. Yes, depending on the damage, the fix may sometimes be buying a new carpet. All jokes aside, here are some other stains you may need to know how to get out of your carpet. Oh, right, the bad news is that you’ll still need to do the cleaning yourself. Nobody can save you from crawling on all fours and from scrubbing, unfortunately.

  1. Wax

Well, if you didn’t want wax stains everywhere, especially on your carpet, you shouldn’t have tried to wax at home. But since the deed is already done here is how you can fix this. Heat, that’s pretty much all you’ll need. Well, you will also need an iron, and a piece of cloth, and some paper towels. But that’s it. So the wax has hardened and is impossible to get out…

Of course it’s not, just place a piece of cloth on the stain and warm it up with the iron. Make sure not to keep the iron on for more than a minute or so, because otherwise you may just burn your carpet. Once the wax is warm, try to scrape it with a butter knife. Just like with the candy, you won’t be able to take it all, so it is time to use the paper towels. The procedure is the same, the only difference being that instead of the cloth you should use paper. Keep the iron for no longer than a couple of seconds. The wax will melt and stick to the paper towels. Repeat until you can no longer see any wax stains on the towels. Also, you might want to keep in mind to only use white cloth and paper towels. This carpet cleaning trick was taught to me by professional carpet cleaners.


  1. Grease

Oh, there’s nothing more unpleasant than grease stains. Well, when it comes to grease you can say goodbye to your regular carpet cleaner, because it’s not made to deal with such serious problems. You can use your dishwashing detergent, instead. This stuff is specially made to get rid of grease, so it will be incredibly effective. So mix some dishwashing detergent with some water in a spray bottle and soak up the stain. After you’ve let it work for a couple of minutes come back, soak it a bit more and start blotting. If it’s not all gone on your first try, you can surely repeat the process, as the dishwashing detergent is harmless and won’t damage your carpet.

  1. Gum

Although it sounds impossible, some people actually manage to get gum stuck to their carpets. The trick to fix this is to freeze the gum. Go to the freezer, take out one or two ice cubes and place them on top of the gum for a couple of seconds, then scoop it up with a spoon.


Tips for travelling with kids by Car


It’s not a secret that travelling with kids can be quite nerve wracking. We all also know that kids are the most amazing, wonderful things in the world, when they are asleep. So here are some tips to hopefully help you cope with the idea of travelling with your kids.

  1. Location, location, location

It is very important that you decide together where to go. Kids can be quite stubborn when it comes to their dislikes. And if they say that The Great Canyon doesn’t seem that interesting, then don’t force them into a trip that they are set from the beginning not to like. So the best thing to do is to decide together. If you are travelling on a budget, you can do the research beforehand and let the kids chose from three or four locations you have decided on. That will involve them in the decision making process, but you would still be in control of the whole situation.

  1. Research, research, research

Once you have decided on a precise location, make sure to also do the research together. You should look up tourist attractions and places you might want to go sightseeing. It is also crucial to let them get involved and get the feeling that their opinion matters and that their voice is being heard. Depending on how long your vacation will be, you can also make a schedule for each day, where to include everyone’s favorite activities. Don’t make the mistake of only planning time together. Especially if you are going to have a longer holiday, both you and the kids will end up needing some alone time. So make sure to include that in the daily schedule.

  1. Luggage

If you are dealing with teenagers, the best thing to do is to let them pack for themselves. If you do not trust they will make the best decisions, you can simply supervise and intervene only when necessary. We all know how sensitive teenagers can be when it comes to their style. If you have younger kids, you can just pack together, but make sure to ask them, or make them choose one or two favorite toys that you can take with you. Do not underestimate them so much as to let the pack for themselves, because you will end up with nothing but toys and no clothes or other things they may need.

  1. Always be prepared

The emergency backpack should be a thing by now. Kids get hurt. A lot. Make sure to have fixes for all their small injuries. Always keep a backpack handy with everything you may need in case of an emergency. You can include anything from band – aids, disinfectant, creams, lotions, pills (including for allergies, if you know them to be sensitive), and so on. And, above all, remember to always keep your cool, no matter how bad the situation may appear to be.


Picking the “Right” Car Service


The task of finding a great vehicle service can be a bit tricky. With so many options available for you, it can be a bit confusing. Hiring a car service can be a beautiful addition to your ride or event planning. But you have to choose the right company to get better service. There are so many companies and cars available for you when you are trying to hire a limousine. You have to ask some simple questions before renting a luxurious limo car, and with the answers you can find the right company. You just need to know the below:

Association and Licensing

A car service must have proper documents and license numbers. This licensed must be issued by proper authority. This license allow the limousine service company to operate legally in a particular country. Before hiring any car service you must know whether the company has all the necessary documents and licensing. Most limo services are members of reputable associations, so also check whether you car service is a member or not. Following these steps allow you to choose the right service for your luxurious car ride.

Proper Insurance

A car service company must have proper insurance facility. The cars must be insured to you don’t get into any trouble when accidents happen. Hiring a car service after acquiring these information is very important. You can be in trouble if the limo service company doesn’t own a proper insurance coverage service. There are rules and regulation about the insurance coverage for every kind of vehicle. So a limousine car must also have that insurance coverage to ensure you a safe and trouble ride. The more you do the inquiry the more your ride will be safer and enjoyable.

Referrals and Experience

A well reputed car service is the one you should be looking for. A company which is operating for a long time with reputation is the one you should hire. Their service can be a bit costly but it is worth it as you will enjoy a hassle free limo ride service from them. Also ask for reference from your family and friends to find the right limo service. People who have already taken a service can give you best suggestion regarding the company. So any referrals can be very helpful if you are trying to hire a limo.

Live Inspection

And finally the live inspection of the car you will be hiring. There will be a fleet of car available for you to choose from. You should inspect those cars by yourself before taking the decision. A well-established company must provide you with a range of cars for you to choose from. Live inspection allows you to choose the car you want. It also makes your ride more enjoyable and fun. Also get to know about the driver, the man who will ride the car must be experienced enough to ensure a safe ride.

So these are the things you can follow to find the best car service.


How Credit Score can impact your Financial Management When renting Limos and Cars

rent a limo

Many times people suffer from poor credit scores and that is the reason they get a rejection from the loan company. It is often very difficult to figure out the reason behind the rejection but the Credit Score remains the reason. The Credit Score is actually maintained by the commercial vendor and supplied to the banks and financial institutions for the review of the customer. The Credit Scores are made by the habits of the user but it can make a huge difference.

Credit Score

Credit Score is the track of the credit habit of any person. If someone is using a Credit Card and do not repays the amount on time or get warnings to repay for whatsoever reason, the credit score is going to decrease. This is an indicator for the Financial Institutions that this person has a bad history of debt and the risk of providing loans can be risk. It further enhances the chance of rejection due to the risk factor. This is very important factor as directly impacts the chance of availing any kind of loan or Credit Card for the emergency situations. So, in financial terms the credit score has to be improved to be eligible for the rentals of cars.

How to improve Credit Score

The interesting part of improving Credit Score is to do the exactly opposite that you have been doing. The finance management can be tough to understand but it has to be tackled well. Firstly, the payments of credit cards should be repaid well within the time frame. There will be a time limit or last date for the repayment and you just need to repay the amount to improve the Credit Score.


The EMI for any loan can also improve the Credit Score. The EMI repayment to the bank on time can easily increase the reputation of the client and also boosts the Credit Score.

There is often a question that comes to mind that whether Credit Score can be improved after it has declined. Well, it is very well possible to do this with the above steps. However, you might find the task to be difficult but not impossible. With this change you can rent cars easily and get discounts on many rentals and limos.

Drawbacks of bad Credit Score

There are plenty of bad impacts of the Credit Score. If the Credit Score is very poor then apart from rejection, you might be asked for high interest rates. There are instances when the Financial Institutions have asked for security coverage for small loans. The Bank might even ask for security deposit or secured loan options even for Credit Cards.

However, the credit score can be improved during the course and lesser interest rate can be obtained later on the basis of the new credit score.

Credit score plays a big role in the financial management. If you are looking for Home Loan or Mortgage or the same, then first get your Credit score to understand your chances. Very poor Credit score and continuous failure to improve it might push you to Bankruptcy.

Things that a Limousine & Car Entrepreneur should always keep in mind

Car Entrepreneurship is a word that carries lot of weight and challenges. In real life, the challenges can be even more difficult and alone. It is very understandable fact that a life of a Car & Limo Entrepreneur is not an easy one, but the mindset makes a lot of difference. The mindset develops from the beginning of the life when somebody is aspiring to be one of the leaders. It is very important to understand and channelize the energy and positive thinking for entrepreneurship. The good work starts at the beginning and the momentum should kept constant. Here are some points that every Entrepreneur or someone aspiring to be should keep in mind.


Keep Focused- You know what you have to do, and you should keep your focus at it all the time. It is interesting that an Entrepreneur will find many challenges and distractions from the main course but the ultimate goal should be at the reach. Remember a person who knows how to manage the challenges and remain faithful towards the goal, is the successful person.

Influence- This is indeed a heavy word in the life of an Entrepreneur. Influence can be of many kinds, some can be negative and some can be positive. One should always be open to ideas and suggestions. That is very important for growth and versatility. However, it is up to the person, that which idea to take or which is to not. There is no harm in getting inspired by someone but you should be rational enough to understand it.

Take some Time off- Working at all the hours can be as dangerous as not working at all. There should be a balance in life. It is always expected that an Entrepreneur will work harder than any other person, but spending time at office all the time can lead to fatigue and monotony. Take some time off from the office and have some fun. This will make your life balanced and you will have concentration to focus in life.

Encouragement and Support- It is obvious that you need support and encouragement to live a challenging life like that. However, it is always important to be a self encouraging and self supporting person. There is hardly anyone who can support more than anyone else can do. So, always speak to yourself and try to understand yourself better. If you can read your drawbacks and positive points than that is one of the best things that can happen to you.

Cherish your work- Being a Entrepreneur, you will be involved in many attempts and ventures. Some you will successfully deliver and some may remain undelivered unfortunately. However, be proud of what you are doing and cherish your work. A failure leads to the stairs of success and entrepreneur learns from all mistakes.

It is not so easy to be a Car not Limo Entrepreneur but it is harder to not become what you are meant to do, Entrepreneurship. So, focus your thinking at the right place and make it a successful journey.