Carpet cleaning tricks for Your Car

1975 AMC Pacer X red-white IB


So we’ve recently talked about some tricks regarding carpet cleaning your car. Everyone can probably agree that there are some stains more annoying or harder to get out than others. The great thing is that every annoying stain has a fix. Yes, depending on the damage, the fix may sometimes be buying a new carpet. All jokes aside, here are some other stains you may need to know how to get out of your carpet. Oh, right, the bad news is that you’ll still need to do the cleaning yourself. Nobody can save you from crawling on all fours and from scrubbing, unfortunately.

  1. Wax

Well, if you didn’t want wax stains everywhere, especially on your carpet, you shouldn’t have tried to wax at home. But since the deed is already done here is how you can fix this. Heat, that’s pretty much all you’ll need. Well, you will also need an iron, and a piece of cloth, and some paper towels. But that’s it. So the wax has hardened and is impossible to get out…

Of course it’s not, just place a piece of cloth on the stain and warm it up with the iron. Make sure not to keep the iron on for more than a minute or so, because otherwise you may just burn your carpet. Once the wax is warm, try to scrape it with a butter knife. Just like with the candy, you won’t be able to take it all, so it is time to use the paper towels. The procedure is the same, the only difference being that instead of the cloth you should use paper. Keep the iron for no longer than a couple of seconds. The wax will melt and stick to the paper towels. Repeat until you can no longer see any wax stains on the towels. Also, you might want to keep in mind to only use white cloth and paper towels. This carpet cleaning trick was taught to me by professional carpet cleaners.


  1. Grease

Oh, there’s nothing more unpleasant than grease stains. Well, when it comes to grease you can say goodbye to your regular carpet cleaner, because it’s not made to deal with such serious problems. You can use your dishwashing detergent, instead. This stuff is specially made to get rid of grease, so it will be incredibly effective. So mix some dishwashing detergent with some water in a spray bottle and soak up the stain. After you’ve let it work for a couple of minutes come back, soak it a bit more and start blotting. If it’s not all gone on your first try, you can surely repeat the process, as the dishwashing detergent is harmless and won’t damage your carpet.

  1. Gum

Although it sounds impossible, some people actually manage to get gum stuck to their carpets. The trick to fix this is to freeze the gum. Go to the freezer, take out one or two ice cubes and place them on top of the gum for a couple of seconds, then scoop it up with a spoon.