A Limo Party Planning


Who doesn’t love an exotic and luxurious ride in a limo. This is probably the simplest way of making your friends and family happy. Yet if you never tried hiring a limo before, you should definitely try this time. So if you are planning your next birthday party to surprise your friends, plan the party in a limo. This is best present you can give to anyone. You are probably thinking hiring a limo will cost you a lot and there is other hassle involved. But the reality is somewhat opposite, hiring a limo is well within budget and very simple.

The Party Event

The first thing to decide what is the party about? the hiring of the limo car will be according to the theme of the party. It can be your graduation party or a birthday party of your dearest one. So first of all you have to decide about the party event then think about the people invited. The age will make no difference in a limo ride, people of all ages are eager to try limo for the first time. If you give them the chance, they will remember the event for ever.

Guest Number

There are limos available of different numbers of seats and size, so you have to determine the number of guests. Also determine the number of kids will be in that party. The cost of hiring a limo car will depend on the number of guests. You can hire a big limo car if the guest number is high. A medium sized limo car is perfect for a small party where fewer guests are invited. You also have to decide how long the party will go on, as the renting company will ask for these information.

The Travel Route

This is also a very important decision for you. As the limo will go on along with the party, you have to decide the travel destination. You might also suggest the speed of the limo so you can enjoy the ride. Everything must be planned in this royal ride. That way you will enjoy the party like royalty. Determine the travel time carefully, a 3 hour ride in a limo can be too much. Also decide if you want to take small breaks during the travel time. The size of the limo and the travel destination, these two things will determine your costing.

Choose Right Company

There are plenty of limo renting company in your state. You must hire the right company to get the best service. You can do a little research in the internet before hiring from a particular company. That way you will get to know about their terms and conditions. The cost of hiring a limo includes the renting expensive and the tip for the driver.

Once you have got everything figured out, it’s time to enjoy the party. A party that everyone will remember for a long time. A party in a limo car is what a party should be.